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Our Huazhong Garden

Flower landscape design company in Shenzhen Nanshan District, Futian District, Longhua District, such as setting the large-scale nursery base, here we will shape the ecology, the green, the most environmentally friendly landscape engineering.

Nursery culture

Large nursery culture, natural pollution-free, hydroponics and soil culture combination.

Bonsai cultivation

Culture of flower plants seedlings after transplanting to the professional basin, natural growth

Our Eyes Office Environment

Ten years of wind and rain, ten years of hard work, seriously adhere to the heart for the first-class enterprise to provide first-class office environment

Our Services

Always with high quality, high efficiency, fast speed of the requirements of each new old customer service, we carefully along with these customers for many years, by the service object of affirmation and praise.

Plant Lease

Lease the plant include: rental service for green plants rental, flowers Zubai, flowers and plants, you don't need to worry about the training and management of plant, just a phone call, we will be able to on-site service......

Green Conservation

Our team to focus on the conservation of green garden maintenance, lawn maintenance, floriculture etc., to provide office space, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, villas and other indoor and outdoor plants conservation scheme...

Private Garden

The garden is designed with modern sculpture, swimming pool, fountain, garden green road and other elements in the modern private garden. Including: garden greening projects, villa garden design, private garden design. The enterprise culture into the environment, with culture cohesion, team gathered energy.

Rockery Pool

The company has strong technical force, has a strong design and construction team, over - budget, carefully selected materials, carefully constructed to meet your needs. Including: square and rooftop pool, indoor garden rockery fountain, rockery fountain, rockery pool balcony design etc..

Selected Case

Corporate image display window, the team energy accumulation and display their talent stage, partners win-win, create value source

Plant lease / Private garden / Rockery pool / Plant wall / More classification...

Baidu building plant wall
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science and Technology Park
follow:415 / catalog:Plant wall

Indoor pot set
follow:454 / catalog:Plant lease

Indoor rockery Pool Villa
follow:485 / catalog:Rockery pool

Michi Ni villa indoor rockery
follow:464 / catalog:Rockery pool

An indoor garden landscaping
follow:536 / catalog:Private garden

Two indoor garden landscaping
follow:489 / catalog:Private garden

Three indoor garden landscaping
follow:474 / catalog:Private garden

360 company plant leasing
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Known Customers

Outstanding enterprise's choice, lets the outstanding enterprise be more outstanding



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